2010 has already been a crazy and productive year at Gliffy. We've successfully moved our office headquarters into a beautiful new space that will surely invigorate our creative juices, and we've also been busy improving the quality and usability of Gliffy Online. These improvements include upgrading our server architecture, eliminating many of the rare yet complex bugs that our system and helpful customers notify us of, and tweaking our interface so that you can create more impressive diagrams with ease.

You've probably already noticed that we've vastly improved the output of our exported PNG images and the look of the published diagram landing pages. For images, the text and colors should now be accurate with what you see in the editor, and you can still export up to our 5000 x 5000 pixel limit. Also, the SVG export feature provides inline images (no more zip files) and handles all international characters correctly.


New Publish Page Look
The other big improvement is with our Connector/Line tool. Our old version of the connector tool seemed to have a mind of it's own at times. The new connector tool will now route itself in ways that you would expect, and you can make adjustments to a segmented line and those adjustments will stick when moving connected shapes. Also, you can now add rounded corners to the right-angle segmented lines. This should be ideal for Business Process diagrams or for making your flowcharts look more elegant. With a line selected, you will notice a new "Line Type" property drop-down in the Line Properties area on the top right of Gliffy. To top it off, we've added more connection points to commonly used shapes like rectangles, processes, etc.


Here are links to a vast list of the other bugs we've fixed and improvements we've made:

We've got some really exciting things we're working on in the next few months, so stay tuned!!