got a face lift. After many hours of hard work the new site is up and running and I hope that you all enjoy it. For all of you who follow this blog through a feed reader we encourage you to check out the new site .

Highlights of the new web site include our new logo, product overview pages that present more information on our products, greatly expanded examples section to visually showcase what you can do with Gliffy and display example diagrams that utilize our latest shape libraries (Floorplan and Network Diagrams). Support system implemented to enhance user support experience. A new Tips and Tutorials page and enhanced FAQ pages give users more self support ability.

New Logo

Gliffy Logo

Learn More About Gliffy

We have expanded our Product Description Pages, Feature Detail Pages and our Product Comparison Page to comprehensively explain the benefits and features of our product lines. Customers and prospects can learn more about all of our products on the product overview pages or the individual drill down pages.

Explore New Ways to Use Gliffy

Now with over 80 example diagrams in our Examples section we are visually showcasing what you can do with Gliffy. Have you built a flowchart, org chart, floor plan, mind map or network diagram with Gliffy that you want to showcase or would you like to see additional examples in some areas please tell us.

Utilize Gliffy to the Full Extent

Clint's popular drawing tips now have their own page. Our new Tips and Tutorials page highlights product usage tips. Our FAQs have been updated. We will be adding more content like this to help customers use Gliffy to it full extent.

Who is Using Gliffy

We have highlighted a number of the organization using Gliffy on our Customer Page . After only a year since releasing our paid services we are very enthusiastic about our current customer list and look forward to adding many more. SAP, IBM, Chevron, Band of America, Harvard Business School, Virginia Tech, Ford Motor Company, Apache Software Foundation, AOL and many more.

Partner with Us

Become a Gliffy Partner! Visit our Partner Page. To learn more about integrating with Gliffy, reselling and co-marketing opportunities.

Read About Gliffy

Our news page highlights articles on Gliffy. Read the latest news from Gliffy on our Blog .

Making Customer Support More Efficient with Atlassian's Jira

Along with our new website- Chris K released the first stage of a new support system. We are very excited about how this will help us provide a highly scalable, reliable and fast support system. Atlassian's Jira is helping us make our customer support much more efficient. It is far and away the best issue tracker we have ever used. We are amazed at how good it looks while allowing us to fully customize it to meet our needs.

Gliffy Tips and Tutorials Page

Gliffy Examples Page

New! Tips and Tutorials Page

Now over 80 examples! Examples Page

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Colleen Bryant on her helping us shape our content, Uttara Sahu for helping get our content on the web and to Fuse Box - Bryan Thatcher and Steve Newman for our new logo. We are also huge fans of their product Empressr for Presentation creation, management and sharing. Thanks to Prince Arora for good feedback and Ann Haas of Migoto for design work.

Please contact me if you've got any input or thoughts on the current site or suggestions where we could be doing things more effectively.

We are very excited about some new features coming very soon to help extend Gliffy's ability.