With the first quarter of 2010 behind us, we've taken a look at the progress we've made as a company, and it's just amazing. We started Gliffy almost exactly 5 years ago in my living room, and now we've got great customers, a real office, revenue, and awesome employees and contractors who have helped us grow the business in so many ways.

2005 photo of Chris and Clint working out some of the math that was programed into Gliffy

In 2010 we've already accomplished some truly fantastic milestones:

Customers - Without you, we wouldn't be here. Keep the great feedback coming! Gliffy Online now has over 500,000 registered users. Half a million. Wow!
Product - We've made huge strides in increasing the quality and features of our product. Our Gliffy Online customers have been enjoying the faster performance, improved quality, and new features that started rolling out in January and have been continuing to come in the last few months. Our Confluence Plugin and JIRA Plugin customers will see these same benefits in our best plugins ever, which we'll be releasing early next week.
Revenue - Is the economy roaring back? We think so. Our Q1 2010 bookings have increased by over 50% since Q4 2009 despite lots of new competition in the marketplace. Holy smokes! This is the ultimate indicator that we may be at an inflection point for growth and that we are clearly the market leader. We're investing this money directly back into the company to help improve the product in many ways.
Team - We moved into a new office in San Francisco last month, and we are now expanding our kick-ass team so that we can keep improving our offering for our customers. Keep you eyes open or follow the gliffy twitter feed as we announce job openings.
Funding (or lack there of) - Gliffy was the first to market with an easy to use web based diagramming solution that helps customers add rich visuals to their documents, and we did it without raising any outside funding at all. I can't say we'll never raise money, but the fact that we're cash flow positive today (and have been for several years) means we're going to be here for a long time to come.
Competition - 2009 brought us an increase in competition, which has served to validate our class of drawing tool as a valuable one for customers. This hasn't shaken our confidence one bit. Gliffy is THE leader in this space and the only reasonable choice for customers given that our competition either depends on funding to keep the lights on, or represent one man shops. Gliffy, on the other hand, is growing at a rapid pace, and will be here for the long haul.

To our customers, thank you! We have lots of great stuff to share with you in the coming months so stay tuned.

To our Employees, keep up the good work! We're just getting started with this little company that we're so proud of.