Many people have heard about the power of ESP, but Gliffy users might find ESC to be more powerful. The Escape (ESC) key can help you be more productive when creating your earth-shattering flow charts, floor plans, or network diagrams. Here are some ways you can use the ESC key:

1. When you are finished drawing a line and want to turn off the line tool, just hit ESC instead of finding and clicking the button with your mouse.

2. When you are adding text to a shape or with the text tool, when you are done typing, just hit ESC to bring focus back to the object you are adding text to. Hit ESC again to deselect the object or turn off the text tool.

3. If you have an any object selected, hit ESC to deselect the object.

4. Hit ESC to cancel out of any Gliffy Dialogs (where applicable).