How to Draw a Floorplan

    One of the many things you can do with Gliffy is create a floorplan. Whether it's for your wedding, a home remodel, a new office or just as a Friday 3pm way to wrap up your week, it's easy, fun and a great stress buster. To get started, rev up your Gliffy account, scroll down to more shapes and add floorplan shapes to your... Read More

The Comprehensive Guide to Flowcharts

In business, when you have to explain a project or walk through a process, you've probably turned to flowcharts. After all, they're an effective way to show individual steps in a process. And like a lot of processes you use in business, flowcharts have been around for a long time. But here's the thing, flowcharts aren't just for... Read More

Case Study: How Animalz Uses Gliffy

By Animalz Crew on Jan 02, 2018 in Case studies
When Animalz put themselves on the map as a content marketing agency in 2015, they were fully prepared to write the best content on the web. That meant making thought leadership clear, not couched in jargon. It meant using words, graphs, diagrams, gifs and videos to make the complexity of anything from profit margins to product... Read More

The Force is Strong with These Star Wars Flowcharts

By Zack Kushner on Dec 26, 2017 in Fun
If there's one thing we love here at Gliffy, it's flowcharts. And Star Wars. If there are two things we love here at Gliffy, it's flowcharts and Star Wars. Flowcharts about Star Wars! Wait, is that one thing? Fine. If there's one thing we love about Star Wars flowcharts here at Gliffy, it's that they're flowcharts about Star Wars.... Read More

Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual

By Liza Mock on Dec 20, 2017 in For developers
So you want to become a better software developer. Or maybe you want to plan your next career move. Or, perhaps you're looking for some productivity tricks that actually work. Maybe you're even looking for some advice on dealing with professional failures or even fitness tips. You've come to the right place, if that place is John... Read More

To Be API-First, First Map Out Your API with UML

By Liza Mock on Nov 29, 2017 in UML, Productivity
Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a crucial part of how many businesses build out their functionality, but their planning is far from a walk in the park. You need to know any number of potential scenarios that could result from a number of calls, and you need clean, correct functionality on each one. It also means that... Read More

The Comprehensive Guide to Sitemaps

By Liza Mock on Nov 22, 2017 in wireframing, sitemap, website build
A sitemap is as crucial to planning a new website, as a roadmap is to planning a cross-country trip. Without it, both your trip and your user's journey through your website would be full of unplanned for and potenitally unpleasant stops. (Source) A sitemap is a visual representation of your website to-be. It helps you figure out... Read More

The Visual Mind: Why Diagrams Work

By Liza Mock on Nov 14, 2017 in Visual thinking
If content is king, then that makes visual content an emperor wearing his full regalia. Compared to text, visual content is an extremely effective way to communicate because our brains do a great job of processing it. Of all our senses, 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. We're hardwired to thrive on visual content.... Read More

Building a Business Model That Sends a Message

By Animalz Crew on Nov 08, 2017 in Business management
Why the Right Business Model Matters If you've ever thought about having a startup, chances are you've thought about the kind of business model your startup would be built upon. It's one of the first things investors ask about and is the cornerstone of any successful company. Gliffy has been succesful in part because our business... Read More