Unite the Creative and the Technical with One MURAL Alternative

Want the intuitive interface of a whiteboard with the functionality of a technical diagramming tool? When you choose Gliffy, you’re getting the best of both worlds. 

Using Gliffy is both easy for beginners and meets the advanced needs of a diagramming pro. Whether you’re brainstorming, making a business plan, constructing a network diagram, or anything in between, Gliffy is here to help.

Documentation-Ready Diagramming 

Give your Confluence or Jira workspace a visual boost with diagrams integrated right alongside other important documentation. 

Use Confluence’s powerful search function to find text within diagrams, and use Gliffy’s powerful layer linking feature to create dynamic, interactive diagrams. This is documentation-ready diagramming at its finest.

Visualize Complex Systems and Processes

With Gliffy, visualizing complex systems and processes is as easy as dragging and dropping. Business teams can easily describe complex workflows, software teams can share ideas before writing any code, and cross-functional teams can share ideas for design projects without learning specialized tools.

Technical Symbols and Templates

The more technical your information is, the better Gliffy is for you as a diagramming solution. To help you get started, Gliffy comes with a huge library of technical symbols and templates for technical diagram types including network diagrams, UML, AWS, and more. 

Track Your Work With Version History 

View changes to Gliffy diagrams or revert to an older version in just a few clicks. When you’re collaborating, especially with large teams, this level of control is crucial to information management. Plus, Gliffy’s embed links automatically update to the published version, so your team never references outdated or incorrect information.

1. Great Support

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"Intuitive to use and feature-rich, attentive to customer support and introducing upgrades that are meaningful to the user."
– User in Management Consulting

2. Easy to Learn

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"Super simple to use and self-teach. There is a variety of searchable icons, visuals and images, and everything 'snaps' into place. It was very simple to learn the functionality of all the buttons and features, and it was easy to connect diagram images since everything snaps into place."
– Bryan, Business Analyst

3. Built for Confluence

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"If you have the need to create workflows and show in-line process steps in your Confluence documentation, you can boost your productivity with Gliffy. It's tools like this that are at the very heart of process improvement."
– Adriene, Business & Process Analyst

4. Easy for Daily Use

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"Very clean design, easily creatable custom shape libraries, and simple editing tools make this a fun tool to work with for the majority of my design work. I'm in this tool daily!"
– Consultant in Information Technology and Services

Why Do Users Love Gliffy?

At every stage in the diagramming process, Gliffy makes your work easier. From importing your draw.io diagrams to putting in requests for support, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

See what our users have to say about why they love Gliffy:

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