MURAL vs. Gliffy: Key differences

Native Diagramming in Confluence

Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence works within your Confluence instance. No extra open windows, log-ins, or links to copy into your Confluence pages — Gliffy is there while you’re building your pages.

Don’t Build Documentation on a Whiteboard

Gliffy comes pre-loaded with shapes and templates for everything from UML diagrams to cloud architecture diagrams, making it a powerful solution for documentation-ready diagramming. 

Version History to Track Your Work

View changes to Gliffy Diagrams and even revert to an older version in just a few clicks. When it comes to collaboration, this level of control is crucial to keeping everyone organized. Plus, Gliffy’s embed links automatically update to the published version, so your team never references outdated or incorrect information.

Visualize Complex Systems or Processes

Our drag-and-drop solution makes diagramming easy, even as your team builds technical diagrams. Business teams can easily describe complex workflows, software teams can share ideas before writing any code, and cross-functional teams can share ideas for design projects without learning specialized tools.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Gliffy

Enterprise Teams Choose Gliffy as a MURAL Alternative

The more information you’re juggling and the more technical your content, the more you should lean toward Gliffy. 

Gliffy is trusted by over 18 million users — more than any other diagramming tool in Confluence or Jira.

  • Link diagrams to other pages, allowing your content to be as specific or high-level as every user needs.
  • Place one diagram in multiple places in Confluence or Jira. Make edits to the core diagram and every duplicate is automatically updated, ensuring that your team doesn’t accidentally reference outdated information.
  • Use your team’s existing diagrams as a template for your next drawing.

Plus, Gliffy Online’s Enterprise diagram tool is our secure, standalone diagramming solution for teams working outside Confluence and Jira.

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Gliffy Helps These Innovators Collaborate in Confluence

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