Create Mindmaps Quickly & Easily

Special mindmap shortcuts and color themes make it possible to map your ideas as quickly as they come, while auto-layout and collapsible nodes get your thoughts presentation-ready.

Create A Mindmap

Mindmap Basics

Mindmaps can be used to organize information, keep track of thoughts, even study. Unlike flowcharts that have a beginning and an end, mindmaps are organized into idea clusters that center around a main topic.

How to Create a Mindmap in Gliffy

  1. Choose the mindmap icon from the start dialog when you log in or go to File, New and select the Mindmap Template.
  2. Name your main topic.
  3. Create a sub topic by clicking the grey arrow or by using the CMD/CTRL + Tab shortcut. When you’re done hit Tab.
  4. Create parallel/sibling topics by using CMD/CTRL + Tab shortcut.

Mindmap Examples