Easily Create Org Charts to Map Your Company


An org chart is a simple, graphical representation of the people in your company (or other organization) and the relationships between them. An up-to-date org chart helps you find out where to go for the information you need.

Orgchart diagram

Chart your organization

An org chart consists of boxes that represent individuals and their roles and connectors that represent the relationships between them. In most organizations, this is represented by the president or CEO at the top, branching down through layers of direct reports.

A good org chart may also include other helpful information, like contact details, links to departmental pages or sites, and more.

Here are a few uses for org charts:

  • Business group org charts show manager and employee relationships
  • HR org charts show employee details
  • Departmental org charts show relationships between corporate divisions, regardless of personnel shifts
  • Reorg org charts help employees understand how business group alignments have changed
  • Government org chart shows chain of command
  • Hospital org charts show departmental responsibility
  • IT org charts show how separate groups deliver a single service to the business

Put down the PowerPoint

In the old days, org charts were often shared by PowerPoint or PDF, which meant that the entire organization was reliant on one individual who had that file stored on his or her hard drive. And that usually led to charts that were outdated and hard to find. With Gliffy, your org chart is live, ongoing, and collaborative, so everyone can pitch in to make sure it's always correct and up-to-date. And because Gliffy is online, you can even add interactive elements, like page and email links.

Even better, our full shape library and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create clear, visually interesting org charts, whether you have and org chart design experience or not. You can even upload images for a photo org chart, so you'll always be able to put a face with the name.