Gliffy's Venn diagrams: the perfect intersection of power and convenience


A Venn diagram is a simple way to represent the relationships between groups of things with a clear, visual display.

Venn Diagram

Let your ideas overlap

In a Venn diagram, large circles represent groups of things with a shared attribute. Areas where these circles overlap represent individuals that belong equally to both groups. For example, a Venn diagram with one circle representing things made with yeast and another representing alcoholic beverages would have an overlapping zone where you could find both beer and wine.

Circles in a Venn diagram can overlap partially, overlap completely, or even be totally separate — letting the viewer see the relationship between the groups at a glance.

Venn diagrams have many uses:

  • Explaining systems of taxonomy
  • Displaying organizational systems
  • Exploring different classes of items
  • Winning internet arguments

Take it on the road

Gliffy takes all the work out of creating high-quality diagrams. Use one of our pre-prepared Venn diagram templates, or create your own using our extensive library of shapes and images. Draw, style, and align shapes and easily insert and format text using our market-leading Venn diagram software.

And because Gliffy is collaborative online software, it's easy to share the Venn diagrams you've created by inviting other users to Gliffy, exporting them as images or PDFs, or embedding them in your blogs and wikis.