The Rise of Docker & What It Means for the Future of Computing

Regardless of the type of music you listen to, you’ll have to admit that Docker is a rock star in the enterprise and cloud computing worlds. We at Gliffy use … Continue Reading →


UML History & Use Cases

Unified Modeling Language, also known as UML, is used to create blueprints of software systems. It defines the elements and relationships of a project to help clarify goals before coding … Continue Reading →

which SF startups are hot

The 10 Hottest SF Startups Right Now

If the tech world has a heart, it’s located right here in San Francisco. This is the city where you can’t walk two blocks without seeing meandering groups of people … Continue Reading →


Comprehensive List of Shape Libraries & Templates

When you first open Gliffy diagrams you’ll notice that our shape libraries live on the left hand side of the editor. All new accounts start with: Basic, Flowchart & Swimlane … Continue Reading →

green dpt-connectors

Connectors: Tips & Tricks

A diagram wouldn’t be a diagram if it didn’t have connectors indicating flow. That’s why we wanted to make sure that you knew EVERYTHING Gliffy connectors can do. HOW TO … Continue Reading →

Djedi in 7 eleven

Djedi Discovers 7 Eleven

The pull of Djedi’s hunger was strong within him. Apparently having a metal body had done nothing to curb this human urge. His belly rumbled, his thoughts full of beef, … Continue Reading →

importing your own images copy

How to Add Custom Logos, Images & Shapes

Everyone’s diagramming needs are different, which is why we’ve made it easy to import any SVG, JPG or PNG image or library of images into Gliffy. Having custom images is … Continue Reading →

with mike in berlin cropped

Choose Your Own Misery: a Book Created with Gliffy

Do you love coming to work every single day? Do weekends depress you? Would you work even if you weren’t getting paid? If you answered yes, then good for you … Continue Reading →


New Features: Visio VSDX Import & Mindmaps

We’ve just released the latest updates for Gliffy Online and Gliffy for Confluence & JIRA, and they’re big. Additions Include Gliffy Mindmaps Mindmaps are the latest addition to the Gliffy … Continue Reading →

The Return of Djedi copy

The Return of Djedi

Our robot mascot Djedi has been making cameo appearances in various disguises on our blog, at conferences and in emails. He is a champion of Gliffy company values and we … Continue Reading →