June 21, 2020

Comprehensive List of Shape Libraries & Diagram Templates

Diagrams for Software Engineering
Diagrams for Businesses

Whether you're a professional diagrammer or an absolute newbie looking for a free trial of Gliffy, Gliffy's pre-loaded shapes and templates will save you tons of time. We've compiled a master list of these resources and how to use them — with more shapes and templates always being added to make your diagramming experience even better.

Gliffy's Ready-to-Use Diagram Templates

We have dozens of pre-made templates that you can edit and build on, including:

To Access Templates
Go to File, New, select the folder most relevant to you, choose your template and click Open. In this section you will also be able to find and open the diagrams you’ve created.

Start Using Diagram Templates in Gliffy

Ready to jump in? Get started with a free trial of Gliffy's premium features. You'll be able to use all these shapes and templates to share your ideas. Learn more about these tools to find the right fit for your team.

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Popular Diagram Shapes in Gliffy

When you first open Gliffy, you'll notice that our shape libraries live on the left hand side of the editor. All new accounts start with basic, flowchart, and swimlane shapes pre-selected. Scroll to the bottom of that left panel and you'll notice an Images section. This is where you'll be able to upload custom images and shapes. Have a Professional account? You'll also have access to advanced UML & Wireframe shapes.

Flowchart Shapes & Basic Shapes: squares, circles, diamonds, and more. Check out our guide to Flowchart Symbols for more information on how to use these. Most of these shapes come in handy if you're making diagrams for businesses.

Software Design Shapes: made to support common diagrams for software engineering.

Shapes for Design Projects: tools to help you communicate your ideas and build diagrams for design projects.

  • Website & UI shapes for making wireframes or modeling a customer journey
  • Floor plan shapes for rough layouts

Manage Shape Libraries in Gliffy

To Add Libraries
If you'd like to add a library of shapes to the sidebar, simply:
1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
2. Click on More Shapes
3. Select your libraries of choice from the dialog box

To Remove Libraries
Click on the X symbol; you can always add them back in later.

To Organize Libraries
Grab the three-line symbol to the left of the library name and arrange your libraries into the order that works best for you.

To Hide All Libraries

To Hide All Libraries

Click the arrow symbol next to More Shapes. You’ll be able to bring them back anytime. We’re always working to add new shapes and update libraries.

Pro Tip: If you need to find a shape fast, type the name into the "Search Shapes" bar at the top of the shape library section. You will be able to scroll through all the available matches and select the one you need.

Drag and Drop Shapes in Gliffy

If you're not already in the Gliffy diagram game, jump in today! We've got free trials of our online tool, Jira app, and Confluence app to get you started.

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