A recent user suggested this tip to be placed in a more prominent place. As we like to do with user requests, here you go!

To copy and paste between Gliffy Diagrams in your Confluence pages or JIRA issues:

* This presumes you have both a Gliffy Diagram you wish you copy content from and a diagram (can be blank) you wish to paste content to (destination diagram)
If you do not have the destination diagram created yet, please do that before beginning the steps.
1 - Edit the document you wish to copy content from
Step 1
2 - Select the items to copy, then Click Edit-->Copy or Edit-->Select All to copy the content
3 - Select the 'Open' option in the File menu to open the document you wish to paste into
File Open
4 - Click Edit-->Paste to paste the content into the destination document
**Note: This will only work in the same browser tab. It will not work across browser tabs or browser windows.**

Many teams use this to implement Templates for colleagues.

Happy Replicating!
--Debi K