Tired of small diagrams? Is 576px width by 754px height cramping your style and limiting your creative juices from spilling out on the Gliffy canvas (clean up on aisle 7 please!!)? Is your house bigger than the Gliffy floor plan page will allow? Would you like to include all steps of the process but your flow chart ran over the page? Well, worry no more! Just use our handy Page Properties on the top right of Gliffy to change the page width and page height to whatever you need. Want to print to a Landscape layout? No problem. Click the File menu and select Print Setup, then change the Printer Paper to your paper size and select Landscape. Click OK and then with the page breaks turned on (small checkbox also in the page properties area), increase your page width and height until you see the thick blue lines. These lines let you know where the printer page edges are. Then just click the print icon and make sure your printer settings are set to print to landscape mode. It's that easy! (OK, maybe not that easy, but we're going to work on making it easier in the future)