We are pleased to share the following features and fixes for Gliffy Premium users.

New Features: Network Symbols, Network Rack Symbols, Floorplan Symbols, Document Manager

New Features: New Network Symbols

We continue to increase our symbol libraries with the following new network symbols for your network diagrams:


  • Webserver
  • Database
  • Satellite
  • Satellite Antenna
  • Copier
  • Wall power outlet
  • Game Console
  • Flatscreen TV
  • TV
  • Stereo
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • External Harddrive

New Features: New Network Rack Symbols
These new network rack symbols will enhance the profession look of your Gliffy Network Documents:
Network Rack Symbols

  • Rack, 1U Power Strip, 1U Spacer, 1U Ethernet Hub, 2U Ethernet Hub, 15 inch LCD, 1U KVM Switch, 1U Tray, 2U Rail, 4U Rail, 8u Rail

New Features: New Floorplan Symbols
Drawings with Gliffy's Floor Plan Software are even better with these new symbols:
Floor Plan

  • Wood Floor
  • Telephone
  • Modern L Shaped Desk - metal top
  • Modern Rectangle Desk - metal top

New Features: Document Manager

The Document Manager has proved to be a big hit by increasing the ability to organize diagrams. Diagram tags will now show alphabetically when initially loaded ('All Diagrams' will always be first).

New Fixes: Bug Fixes

Thank you to the users who have participated in our public issue tracking system. We feel our response time and depth in resolving issues continues to improve through this process. You will notice the following fixes to reported issues:

We encourage you to learn more about our public issue tracking system. Please login and review the current issues and add your vote!

As always, we look forward to hearing what you think of this latest upgrade and receiving feedback about what you would like to see next.

--Chris, Clint and the rest of the Gliffy Team