Gliffy Confluence and JIRA Plugin Licenses - $10 for 10 Users

By Chris Kohlhardt on Oct 07, 2009 in Stories

We're happy to announce a great new program in conjunction with Atlassian that has a huge double benefit of helping small teams to get started with great software, and to help build libraries and schools for children in developing nations.

[caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="364"] Room To Read[/caption]

Today Atlassian announced that they are giving away 10-user starter licenses for almost all their products for just $10 each. The best part is that the $10 is being donated to the charity Room To Read, a charity dedicated to building libraries and schools for children in developing nations.

This is great for small teams who want to get started with the world-class JIRA bug tracker, or the Enterprise wiki Confluence.

To help out with the fund raising, Gliffy is also making the same offer for our Gliffy Confluence Plugin and Gliffy JIRA Plugin. That's right, you can get running with Gliffy for just $10 for 10-Users on either JIRA or Confluence. Woo-hoo!

Learn how to get started here