The big news out there today is that the new iPhone OS 4 SDK Developer Program License Agreement has a clause in it that essentially bans Flash applications which have been re-compiled to run on the iPhone and iPad using the Adobe CS5 cross-compiler.

That means Flash applications can't easily be ported to run on the iPhone or iPad. Yikes!


We'll see if this new clause sticks, leaving many tens of thousands of Flash and Flex developers in a rough spot. The good news is that Gliffy was built using OpenLaszlo. OpenLaszlo is a great little cross-compiler tool that compiles rich internet applications into multiple runtimes including Flash and DHTML. That's good news for our customers as it means we should (in theory) be able to produce a version of Gliffy that runs on the iPad and iPhone.

A big thank-you to the OpenLaszlo team for your amazing product!