Today we're announcing an update to the Gliffy JIRA plugin. This release includes a few new features: Page Navigator and User Preferences, and many bug fixes.

The page navigator allows you to zoom and pan large diagrams very quickly using a mini preview of your entire diagram. User preferences are a behind the scenes change that will make some of your settings in the Gliffy editor persistent across sessions.

Here's a full run down of the changes:

Release Notes - Gliffy JIRA Plugin v3.6

  • [GLIFFY-747] - Auto-crop is too conservative at the right and bottom sides
  • [GLIFFY-4026] - Export stuck at 15% encoding
  • [GLIFFY-4188] - Image map element not being generated correctly for SVG transform
  • [GLIFFY-4213] - Bottom of images are cropped when text label below network shape has more than one line of text
  • [GLIFFY-4016] - BPMN Collapsed Sub Process and Transaction do not show text when generated from quick shape navigator
  • [GLIFFY-4027] - Rich Text does not work in OL 5
  • [GLIFFY-4036] - Zooming with CTRL+ loses the visibility of red boundary line of navigator
  • [GLIFFY-4043] - Properties popup overlapping the shapes while changing the width property
  • [GLIFFY-4110] - Green Org Chart Template does not work
  • [GLIFFY-4126] - Unsynchronized Map in ClientAPIServlet causes deadlock
  • [GLIFFY-3459] - Text Properties not refreshing correctly when entering brand new text in prepopulated shape
  • [GLIFFY-3538] - On copy/paste and then Undo, properties icon is still there after shape disappears
  • [GLIFFY-3625] - Justify buttons unselecting when clicking on selected state
  • [GLIFFY-3877] - 3 Lane Swimlane looks distorted when initially changing to 2 lane.
  • [GLIFFY-3941] - Document Manager Dialog Edit drop down remains open on stage after hitting ESC..
  • [GLIFFY-3942] - Rotation handle can be hidden by Contextual Properties popup
  • [GLIFFY-4010] - Properties not staying open after shape alignment
  • [GLIFFY-4018] - Clicking and holding objects/selections where a portion is outside the bottom of the viewport will cause them to be moved down.
  • [GLIFFY-3437] - Dropdown does not reopen on first click in special case in Contextual Properties
  • [GLIFFY-3599] - Printing will often print blank pages
  • [GLIFFY-240] - Create Right Arrow for Basic and Flowchart shapes
  • [GLIFFY-3303] - HUD will stay on if holding mouse and editing text in Firefox
  • [GLIFFY-3592] - Undo twice after moving straight line then ortho line is not working.
  • [GLIFFY-3606] - When Zoomed, CTRL+Arrow for stage does not work correctly
  • [GLIFFY-3675] - Missing imageH on ClientExportStreamer request
  • [GLIFFY-3728] - Remove jagged corners from UML Node shape
  • [GLIFFY-1304] - User Preferences
  • [GLIFFY-3974] - Contextual Properties docking should be User Preference
  • [GLIFFY-258] - Preferred paper size should be saved for each user
  • [GLIFFY-3973] - Navigator State should be user preference
  • [GLIFFY-3999] - Client Side implementation of User Preferences for JIRA
  • [GLIFFY-3826] - Create export progress bar
  • [GLIFFY-2720] - Only have drawing guides process an alignment once
  • [GLIFFY-3161] - Optimize the connection point used when Quick Connection is in action
  • [GLIFFY-3798] - Correct Association Connector to be dashed line for BPMN
  • [GLIFFY-3827] - Tune Chunk Size / Computing time per frame
  • [GLIFFY-3848] - Create Async PNG encoder
  • [GLIFFY-1219] - View diagram link on attachment view
  • [GLIFFY-3478] - When a transcoding error occurs, don't log the SVG document at the ERROR level
  • [GLIFFY-3961] - Colorpicker does not show currently selected text color on open
  • [GLIFFY-3604] - Chunk Encoding in CommonExport.lzx Some older hardware times out in 15 seconds
  • [GLIFFY-3642] - Not rounding off the decimal places for width and height after entry
  • [GLIFFY-3876] - Changing X/Y of shape to off of viewable stage, should relocate stage to make shape viewable
  • [GLIFFY-3046] - Stage scrolling issue while increasing the size of shape
  • [GLIFFY-3539] - Text shapes in group selections are preventing other shape properties from showing up (like background/line color)
  • [GLIFFY-3605] - Text Properties should be default tab when checking properties for Text shapes
  • [GLIFFY-3880] - Make sure loading of diagram invalidates object that are in extreme X and Y positions
New Feature
  • [GLIFFY-4039] - Dragging and dropping most shapes does not work since OL5 upgrade with debugger off
  • [GLIFFY-1962] - Enable Navigator View in Document Properties, Thumbnail view of entire Diagram