--Announcing the Gliffy Monthly Newsletter--
Hello Gliffy users! You've probably been waiting in eager anticipation, wondering if we would ever send out a newsletter. The wait is over, your wish has come true: Welcome to the Gliffy Monthly Newsletter! The purpose of the Gliffy newsletter is to keep you informed about our latest propaganda.... or.... umm.. Features! Products! All that good stuff. And don't forget... use www.gliffy.com for all your drawing and diagramming needs!

--Attention Computer Geeks like us: Gliffy now supports UML--
In the mid 90's, competing groups of computer nerds did something we wish more people would do: They put aside their differences and decided to work together for the common computer geek good-ness. The results of their efforts became known as UML (The Universal Modeling Language). Many of our users asked for UML symbols to make great UML class diagrams, and in September, we gave it to you. Gliffy released support for UML and now YOU TOO can be a part of the computer geek happiness. Of course, all good things come to an end... will AgileDraw awake the sleeping giants? (www.agiledraw.org).

--Gliffy User of the Month--
We've seen lots of great drawings and diagrams created with Gliffy by you, our GREAT users. Have you created a drawing you are particularly proud of? Did Gliffy help make your life a little easier than it would have been otherwise? Tell us your story! Each month in our newsletter, we'll feature a drawing and/or story of one of our happy users. While we can't offer you riches if we select your story, we can offer you a little fame. (We have over 30K subscribers to our newsletter) Send your submissions to: support (at) gliffy (dot) com with the subject: "Gliffy User of the Month"

--Green & Good Stuff--
In the 'Green & Good Stuff' section, we will highlight an organization, company, or interesting idea which we think promotes making the world a better place.

This month: GreenDimes
Does all that paper junk mail get in your way? Does looking at all that wasted paper make you feel ill? Well now there is a nifty company known as GreenDimes who aims to help rid yourself of your junk mail nightmare. For just a few bucks a month, GreenDimes will do their best to remove you from as many mailing lists as possible. Not only that, but GreenDimes will plant one tree a month as a part of their low subscription fee. What a great idea! (www.greendimes.com)

Well, that's it for this month of the Gliffy Newsletter. See you in December!

Chris & Clint, your friends at Gliffy