New Features

  • Changed Gliffy license page to "Gliffy Plugin Administration"
  • Changed look & feel of Gliffy Plugin Admin page to match Confluence better
  • In Gliffy Admin, you can now configure the Gliffy Editor to pop up in a new window. Useful for certain custom Confluence themes.
  • Rolled in features and bug fixes from the Gliffy Online payment release. Includes new Gliffy L&F plus Entity relationship diagrams
  • Free trial is now 45 days instead of 30. Users now get 14 days to take advantage of the 30% discount, and another 7 days after that for the 15% discount.
  • show full name instead of username in revision history of diagrams

Bugs fixed:

  • Opera/Gliffy no workie:
  • Conform to older servlet spec:
  • Problems with Japanese diagram names:
  • Text edit doesn't force save prompt:
  • Problems with revision history introduced in 1.1.0 :
  • Removed incorrect warning about navigating away from page when user indicated
    they wanted to do so by clicking 'Back to Confluence' and not saving.