Today we're releasing a new version of the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence and JIRA.

This is a bug fix release that addresses the following key issues:

  • Links on Diagrams
  • Cross Site Scripting Issues (XSS)
  • Gliffy Plugin for JIRA install via the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM)

Please note that the following versions of Confluence and JIRA are no longer supported by this release:

  • Confluence < 3.0
  • JIRA < 4.0

NOTE: Our JIRA plugin is now a Plugin Framework v2 plugin. Be sure to remove any prior versions of Gliffy for JIRA before installing this version. Please read the following article from Atlassian for full instructions on Managing JIRA plugins.

Release Notes - Gliffy - Version Plugins 3.1.3


  • [GLIFFY-2375] - Hyperlinks are not aligned with text
  • [GLIFFY-2474] - Embedded images are attached to page as anonymous user
  • [GLIFFY-2587] - Links that wrap can have image maps that are incorrect
  • [GLIFFY-2620] - ConfluencePluginImageBiz does not validate that a user can add an image to a page (security issue)
  • [GLIFFY-2742] - 2038 Error when Uploading GXML with Confluence 3.2.1
  • [GLIFFY-2771] - Saving a diagram with a ":" (colon) in the name results in error (confluence plugin). Validation needs to be consistent on client
  • [GLIFFY-2845] - URL's in the link element of the Gliffy XML must be escaped
  • [GLIFFY-2874] - Editing Link in Saved Diagram via Deletes Link
  • [GLIFFY-2949] - JiraFourDotOneGliffyIssueService throws a GliffyAuthorizationException when an issue can not be found
  • [GLIFFY-3004] - Flash Error when Saving Horizontal Swimlane with Links
  • [GLIFFY-3005] - Links in the Header of Swimlane do not match the link 'active' spot
  • [GLIFFY-3010] - SVG Export fails using Opera, Window after the first download
  • [GLIFFY-3028] - XSS Issues in Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-3029] - XSS Issues in Jira
  • [GLIFFY-3068] - Fresh shapes resized using the properties menu revert to previous size after save
  • [GLIFFY-3071] - Usernames with quotes will cause issues in the gliffy xml
  • [GLIFFY-3081] - License page changes on bad input
  • [GLIFFY-3085] - Icon missing in macro autocomplete
  • [GLIFFY-3087] - Clicking "create diagram" link in Edit Gliffy Macro causes class cast exception in confluence
  • [GLIFFY-3104] - Opening ERD template opens UML symbol library
  • [GLIFFY-3119] - Overlay HUD flickers when drawing guides are turned on.
  • [GLIFFY-3123] - Jira License Admin Page renders incorrect values
  • [GLIFFY-3124] - ShowGliffyEditorAction renders incorrect values when the license is not valid
  • [GLIFFY-3307] - Get incorrect error message when I install a license with less users than allowed


  • [GLIFFY-2276] - Convert logging to SLF4J for Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-2772] - Make the Invalid Character message in Diagram name Consistent (Confluence Plugin)
  • [GLIFFY-2791] - Convert logging to SLF4J
  • [GLIFFY-2885] - SA1 error should instruct users to contact their Confluence or JIRA administrators
  • [GLIFFY-3067] - Default to Classic Skin shapes for Basic and Flowchart
  • [GLIFFY-3115] - Improve the performance of loading several diagrams in the Document Manager

New Feature

  • [GLIFFY-2306] - Migrate JIRA plugin to plugin-version 2
  • [GLIFFY-2930] - Address JIRA 4.3 Compatibility issues


  • [GLIFFY-3111] - Importing a Gliffy XML fails during the save process


  • [GLIFFY-2779] - Test the performance of loading 800+ diagrams in a folder
  • [GLIFFY-2926] - German Translation Directions for Installing Gliffy are Incorrect
  • [GLIFFY-3059] - Test compatibility with Confluence 3.5
  • [GLIFFY-3060] - Migrate Jira Plugin to plugins2
  • [GLIFFY-3108] - Remove Versioned Methods as all API calls are now up to date
  • [GLIFFY-3112] - Remove deprecated use of AbstractConfluenceCondition class


  • [GLIFFY-2769] - Use new LinkMap generator in Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-2778] - Links on a line do not match the link 'active' spot
  • [GLIFFY-3064] - Remove Jira 3.13 conditional compile and versioned classes
  • [GLIFFY-3069] - Verify that our plugin works with Java 1.5 backed versions of Jira 4.x+
  • [GLIFFY-3076] - When Gliffy loads, gray strip appears above editor, creating scrollbar
  • [GLIFFY-3080] - Patch the GliffyLicenseAction that was reported by Atlassian
  • [GLIFFY-3082] - XSS vulnerability in the Licensing page
  • [GLIFFY-3083] - XSS vulnerabilities in launch page
  • [GLIFFY-3301] - Plugin does not save on Jira 4.2 and older