Gliffy Plugin for JIRA 1.0.1 Released with Greenhopper Support

We have just released a new version of the Gliffy Plugin for JIRA. The major update for this release is that now Gliffy seamlessly integrates with Greenhopper. Greenhopper is an excellent JIRA plugin that allows an interactive and simple interface for users to manage their projects, as well as tools to increase the visibility and traceability of ongoing versions. Now, with the Greenhopper and Gliffy plugins installed, when viewing the Planning Board simply click on "Issue Actions" menu on any card. From the dropdown, click on the "Gliffy Diagram" option, and you will instantly be taken to the editor to edit or add a diagram. Once you are finished editing, just click Back to JIRA to the taken back to the Planning Board view.


Download the Gliffy Plugin for JIRA 1.0.1.
Learn more about GreenHopper.
Download the latest version of Greenhopper.

Special thanks goes out to Jean-Christophe Huet at GreenPepper Software for helping us make this happen!

Gliffy Online Performance update

We've also done some performance optimizations on our database for Gliffy Online. A key benefit is the faster loading of folders and document lists in the document manager.