gliffy sign Team

Two Fridays ago, team Gliffy wasn’t at our desks, where you’d normally find us. Instead of t-shirts and flip-flops we put on heavy-duty jackets, fireproof gloves to our elbows, and mosh pit-worthy boots; some of us wore goggles, others donned full-fledged helmets; and then we played with fire, and metal, and wood. It was epic.

gliffy at the crucible How many engineers does it take to build a bar?


Every quarter, Gliffy goes on a team outing. This time we decided to try something new and go to Oakland’s The Crucible to bring the Steampunk-themed bar (designed during Innovation Days a few weeks ago) into being.

gliffy at the crucible Our Founder Chris (above) with Mark and Mike (below), sending sparks flying.

We split up into teams and spent the day getting dirty, grinding metal, shaping wood and sending sparks flying in every direction. A few of us welded the metal frame that will make up the skeleton of our bar, some were in charge of making the wooden bar top and shelves, one team worked on the intricately-designed metal sign that will grace the front, others still worked on plasma-cutting metal gears and etching the panels that will make up the bar's front and sides.


The instructors were awesome and many of us felt that we’d discovered a new calling (or at least hobby). At the end of the day we were tired, sweaty, covered in smudges and extremely content. It’s not often that you get to breathe a 400-pound piece of metal and wood (that will later provide you with fresh beer) into existence. The only question that remains is, what should our first keg be?

gliffy plays with fire