I'm happy to announce that we've released the most recent version of The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. We recommend this upgrade for all users of The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence.

Download the latest version of the Plugin, or try it out in our wiki sandbox.

The detailed release notes are included below, but I'd like to give you a quick overview of some of the improvements we've made.

Automatic Diagram Sizing

In older versions of the plugin, when you created a new diagram, you were limited to the initial page size of 576 X 754 pixels. Some of our users thought this was restricting, and we agreed. Now, when you create a new diagram, the initial page size is set to 5000 X 5000, giving you lots of room to express your ideas. When you save your diagram, we automatically size the diagram image shown in Confluence pages so that it fits the content you've created. We think this will save our users a little bit of time when creating diagrams.

Better Looking Symbol Libraries, now with more shapes than ever!

One of the big tasks we've worked on for the last year has been to improve the overall quality and visual appeal of symbols shown in Gliffy. This release represents a huge improvement for the symbols used in The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. Here are some examples of the improved symbol libraries (click to enlarge):

Wireframe Symbols
Floor Plan Symbols Network Diagram Symbols

Along with the visual improvements, we've added many new symbols as well. Gliffy now has over 225 symbols to choose from.

Include your own images in Gliffy

Are you still missing that favorite symbol library, or would you like to include your company logo on a diagram? Fear not, we've solved this problem with this release too. Any JPG image attached to the same page your diagram is attached to will now be available to include in your diagram. For example, this diagram Clint created when planning his wedding is now possible with The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence.

One limitation with this feature is that only JPEG images are currently supported. We expect to be addressing this limitation in a release not too far off in the future.

OK, that covers the big features I wanted to highlight. The detailed release notes covering everything else is below:

New Features


  • [GLIFFY-544] - Change web item text for adding diagram in confluence 2.8
  • [GLIFFY-564] - Verify that 'Commercial' is the default when entering new licenses
  • [GLIFFY-594] - Remove diagram action breadcrumbs should include action name
  • [GLIFFY-636] - Image alt text

Bugs fixed

  • [GLIFFY-18] - Suggest to display "Save" or "OK" or "Submit" buttons first, then followed by "Cancel" button. Current UI shows this in reverse order.
  • [GLIFFY-19] - Capitalize first letter on several command buttons throughout application. Examples of current usage include "save", "ok", "apply", "print", "cancel", "submit" etc
  • [GLIFFY-72] - Pasted UML shape 'Object' changes height
  • [GLIFFY-107] - Some users are seeing "VBFlashVer' is undefined in IE.
  • [GLIFFY-153] - text pasted into small firewall shape is cut off (Firefox on Win)
  • [GLIFFY-172] - Default Text Format for Objects.
  • [GLIFFY-291] - Add "Photo" object to user interface shapes.
  • [GLIFFY-335] - We need a 3D box shape.
  • [GLIFFY-423] - Attachment for Diagram not indexed when created
  • [GLIFFY-473] - Image transcoding failure test case
  • [GLIFFY-474] - Transcoding failure due to undefined symbol
  • [GLIFFY-483] - Adding a diagram to a Confluence page does not bump up the attachment count shown in the attachments tab
  • [GLIFFY-484] - The link back to the page on successful removal of a gliffy diagram is broken
  • [GLIFFY-485] - After removing a gliffy diagram, the actual underlying attachment is still there
  • [GLIFFY-528] - Add diagram link displayed when users don't have add permission
  • [GLIFFY-541] - File->Open command is causing null pointer exception for removed diagram attachments
  • [GLIFFY-545] - Fix typo in macro error text: spacified -> specified
  • [GLIFFY-547] - Notify Watchers in Confluence to Changes in Gliffy Diagram
  • [GLIFFY-580] - diagrams with special characters in name break when trying to remove
  • [GLIFFY-593] - Breadcrumbs on create diagram action are broken
  • [GLIFFY-596] - Transcoding of diagram with Chinese char '?' causes out of memory error
  • [GLIFFY-597] - When configuring Gliffy it crashes
  • [GLIFFY-642] - Size of server is rendering at a different size in Gliffy editor vs transcoded image
  • [GLIFFY-643] - The Shadow layer of the Tape Backup shape is shifted when dropped
  • [GLIFFY-651] - Tab sliders fail on certain combination. Create whitespace
  • [GLIFFY-654] - Printing from Client is not working when Images are added.
  • [GLIFFY-655] - Copying and pasting between diagrams located on two different pages fails
  • [GLIFFY-657] - Save and Close from Plugin only Saves.
  • [GLIFFY-666] - Character "ø" in Diagram Name Cause "Error Processing Request"
  • [GLIFFY-667] - Character "ø" in Diagram Name Result in Export Name "clientexportimage" and File Error for PNG / JPG
  • [GLIFFY-668] - Character "ø" in Diagram Name Result in Error for Export of SVG
  • [GLIFFY-676] - Space names shown in Document Manager are the Space Keys, when they should be the Space Name
  • [GLIFFY-678] - Make sure Gliffy plugin is shown as 'supported' in Plugin Repository